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Child Health and Vaccines

COVID 19 Vaccine Rollout Update - 5th May

Over 70s rollout with Pfizer vaccine ongoing – if you are over 70 and have not been contacted by our practice, please contact reception.

Update to vaccine rollout for patients aged 60-69 – These patients will now be vaccinated with Astra Zeneca in mass vaccine clinics, regardless of risk category and are invited to register on the HSE portal, starting 15th April, please see further information and registration at

We will be vaccinating Cohort 4 & 7 aged 18-59 with Pfizer vaccine in General Practice from May – if you feel you are in one of these groups and have not been contacted by us, please read the eligibility criteria below and email us on with your name , DOB and reason you feel you fall into Cohort 4 or 7.

Please note, we will not be able to accommodate patients in the 60-69 group who would prefer the Pfizer vaccine over Astra Zeneca, there is no choice at present in vaccines and we would encourage everyone to take the vaccine they are offered. Astra Zeneca is proven to be safe and effective, particularly in the population over 60 that it is being rolled out in, we would strongly encourage our patients to take it when offered.

Please note: we are receiving a lot of queries at present, we would be grateful if you could read all the below information before contacting the practice for further information. Best way to contact us is by email

Cohort 4 and Cohort 7 GP Vaccination (aged 18-59)

From May, our clinic will be supporting the hospital roll-out of Cohort 4 patients to vaccinate those that do not attend the hospital or have not been invited by their hospital teams and who are aged 18-59 (patients 60-69 will be vaccinated in mass vaccination clinics, registration can be made through the online portal). We will start this process with very high risk patientsand we have been asked to prioritise patients in the following groups:

  • Diabetes where the patient has HbA1c > 58mmol/mol in last 12 months
  • Obesity where patients have a BMI > 40
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease where patient is on home oxygen, pre or post transplantation or with a hospital admission related to disease in past year
  • Patients with Prader Willi syndrome

If you are in this cohort 4 and have not yet been contacted by the practice please email and your GP will check your medical records and list you for vaccination if appropriate. We will respond to email within 3-5 working days.

Cohort 7

Once Cohort 4 is complete, we will be moving on to the next phase of vaccination in General Practice for patients aged 18-59 with medical conditions that put them at a high risk of severe disease or death. We are waiting on the exact guidance on this cohort, however lists the categories of illness as below:

  • Cancer – Haematological – within 1 -5 years, Non-haematological – within 1 year. All other cancers on non-hormonal treatment.
  • Chronic heart (and vascular) disease – Chronic heart disease, for example: heart failure, hypertensive cardiac disease.
  • Chronic kidney disease – Chronic kidney disease with eGFR <30ml/min.
  • Chronic liver disease– for example: cirrhosis or fibrosis.
  • Chronic neurological disease or condition – Chronic neurological disease or condition significantly compromising respiratory function and/or the ability to clear secretions, for example: Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy.
  • Chronic respiratory disease – Other chronic respiratory disease, for example: stable cystic fibrosis, severe asthma (continuous or repeated use of systemic corticosteroids), moderate COPD.
  • Diabetes – All other diabetes (Type 1 and 2).
  • Immunocompromised – Immunocompromise due to disease or treatment, for example: high dose systemic steroids (as defined in Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland Chapter 3), persons living with HIV.
  • Inherited metabolic diseases – Disorders of intermediary metabolism not fulfilling criteria for very high risk.
  • Intellectual disability* excluding Down Syndrome (already vaccinated in Cohort4).
  • Obesity – BMI >35 Kg/m2.
  • Severe mental illness – for example: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression.

If you think you fall into either Cohort 4 or 7, please email  detailing name, DOB and reason you believe you fall into this cohort , we can crosscheck your records, confirm the cohort you belong to and ensure you are listed for vaccination if appropriate. We will respond within 3-5 working days.

Please note, both of the above groups will be vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine, which is 2 doses given 4 weeks apart.

Frequently asked questions prior to vaccination

How can I book my appointment?

The week prior to your vaccine you will receive a text message with a link to book your 10 minute appointment slot on line. You need your PPS number , an email address and to have read the vaccine information and to tick the consent button to allow you to book your appointment online.

Where do I get the information on the vaccine?

The text message you receive will have a link to the patient leaflet that has been created by the HSE. You must read this information before signing the consent on the booking form.

Information for vaccination day

First attend on time, this is essential.
On arrival in the clinic you will be allocated a room to wait outside.
Please have coats off and short sleeve with non-writing arm out ready for vaccination.
After the vaccination you must wait 15 minutes in the observation room (30 minutes if history of anaphylaxis).
Please attend alone but 1 carer can come with you if necessary.

Childhood Flu Vaccines (ages 2-12 years)

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